Germany Savings Accounts

Provider Rate Type
ING DiBa Savings Account

Rates applivable to a deposit below 100,000 euros after an 4 month introductory interest of 1.00%. For deposits more than 100,000 the rates are 0.25%pa.

Feb 2018
Deutsche Bank Savings Account

interest rates are variable and depends on the credit amount. minimum balance of 5,000 EUR with 2,000 EUR freely available.

Jun 2018


  • Q: What were typical interest rates on "Bankburgschaft" savings accounts at German banks from 2008 to the present?

    Reply Jeff from Washington, United States
  • Q: Is the ING DiBa Euro Savings Account available for institutional investors or is it for private investors only and is it available for investors outside the European Union? Many thanks

    Reply Keith from Toronto, Canada