Deutsche Bank Interest Rates

Deutsche Bank AG is one the largest banks in Germany that was founded back in 1870. It operates in over 70 countries abroad with about 2,000 retail branch locations within Germany.  Its banking services include private individual, business and corporate client banking, wealth and asset management and global banking. Private client’s savings and investment products that it offers include but are not limited to money market savings accounts, fixed interest deposits, securities trading and investment fund products.

Headquarters: Taunusanlage 12, 60325 FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY

Telephone enquiries: 0 18 18 - 10 00

Company Account Name Term Currency Update APY Account Details
Deutsche Bank 5 Year Fixed Deposit 5 year EUR Apr, 2014 0.90% The agreed interest rate indicated per annum for this product is fixed for 5 years and requires a minimum of 2500€
Deutsche Bank 2 Year Fixed Deposit 2 year EUR Apr, 2014 0.40% This long term fixed interest rate product indicated has a fixed period of 2 years and requires a minimum of 2500€
Deutsche Bank 1 Year Fixed Deposit 1 year EUR Apr, 2014 0.30% The interest rate applicable requires a minimum of 2,500 € and is for a term period 12 months / 1 year.  
Deutsche Bank 6 Month Fixed Deposit 6 month EUR Apr, 2014 0.20% The interest rate for this product requires a minimum of 2,500 € for the set term of six months.