Citibank Germany
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Citibank Germany

The multinational US-based banking group Citibank has had a presence in Germany since 1926. Today it has 400 employees offering banking services to corporations, institutions and government organisations. Until 2008 it offered retail banking services but it sold that division of its business to Cred... read more

Headquarters/Head Office

Frankfurter Welle
Reuterweg 16
60323 Frankfurt

Citibank Germany Discussion

  • Q: I want to make the fixed deposit for one year,can you please contact with me for further details

    Reply SHEIKHA from Qatar
  • Q: Is there a Citibank in Ravensburg in Baden Wurtemberg ,Germany? I can open an account in Citi bank in USA and can withdraw money from my account when I am in Germany? and I deposit Money in Germany and withdraw it when I am in USA?

    Reply Nghiem Ta Duc from Los Alamitos, United States